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        18/30kV, 26/35kV Cold Shrinkable Products  
        Read:2652  2013-8-28

        Product Introduction:
        CN-NLS cold shrinkable indoor termination, CN-WLS cold shrinkable outdoor termination, CN-JLS cold shrinkable straight through joint are mainly composed of prefabricate main body, terminal lug, cold shrinkable breakout, cold shrinkable insulating tube, phase color tube. The stress cone inside prefabricate main body and the insulating body adopt imported liquid silicone rubber injecting formed which has long-term stability of lasting hold power and electric field uniform ability.  Keep a suitable radial pressure to the cable with good property of interface, there is no creepage raise from respiration when cable runs. Cable lugs and other supporting materials are based on customers’ requirement, ensure cable insulating and waterproof.

        Product Characteristics:
        Excellent raw-material: prefabricate main body is adopts high quality liquid silicone rubber, which has excellent insulation, elongation, and breakdown properties, small residual deformation after expansion.

        Cold shrink structure: using latest expansion equipment and expansion support tube to ensure product expand without break.

        Easy installation: using cold shrinkable expansion structure, there’s no need special training, convenient installation.

        Range Applied:

        Voltage Level 

               Cable cross section 

                Diameter of insulating

        18/30, 26/35kV



        Model Table

        Cold shrinkable 
        indoor termination

        Cold shrinkable 
        outdoor termination

        Cold shrinkable straight
        through joint

        Cable cross section  

        CN-NLS-30 N-1

        CN-WLS-30 N-1

        CN-JLS-30 N-1


        CN-NLS-30 N-2

        CN-WLS-30 N-2

        CN-JLS-30 N-2


        CN-NLS-30 N-3

        CN-WLS-30 N-3

        CN-JLS-30 N-3


        CN-NLS-30  N-4

        CN-WLS-30 N-4

        CN-JLS-30 N-4


        Nstands for cable cores.

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