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    1. Domestic Mr. Peng

      Mr. Pan

          Talent Concept

        Connect Cable Accessories Co., Ltd is committed to promote and cultivate talents who have ability and political integrity. Our principle of choosing and employing persons is to hire the best talent, and provide them with more opportunities for promotion, make their talent fully play in the company.

        Basic requirements:

        The morality of honesty, integrity

        Moral and conscience is the foundation of life and also the foundation of doing things, the employee's moral level decides the moral level of enterprises and organizations.


        Hard work, commitment

        Being willing and able to make additional pay to help the company’s progress, the words deeds and mentality are loyal to the team and the company.


         Enthusiastic and conscious working habits

        For enterprises and individuals, lack of enthusiasm is like lack of the power train, even the track is long and straight, it is also difficult.


        Humble and united personal style

        Only team can work effectively in modern enterprise, out of the team support cannot survive, personal gain or loss is subject to the interests of the team.


         Tough and responsible attitude

        Having the courage to bear the responsibilities of the job and is responsible for the results, you can correctly handle all aspects of pressure.


        Aggressive and aspiring attitude

        Having the pursuit of desire and having the satisfied enterprise. Developing career rather than as a job, aspiring to progress rather than satisfied with the status quo.


        Studying and thinking ability

        Adapting the market changes and following in the footsteps of company progress. Summing up experience constantly, opening horizon, self-improvement and learning progress.


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