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    1. Domestic Mr. Peng

      Mr. Pan


        1.       Providing complete product sample according to customer requirements before sales, sending the structure, performance of our products to customers timely and doing a good job in the customer's staff.

        2.       Handling customers’ calls, letters which are reflecting the quality of the products timely. Receive customer's visit hospitality, then registering and carrying out the processing results.

        3.       If the product appear quality problem, on the same day, the province provincial we will assign person to the site service on the same day, the province provincial in three days. We will have the first scene processing, then do the reason analysis.

        4.       After the service is back to the factory using the form of a written report to the general and doing the implementation of corrective actions after studying.

        5.        Visiting customers and having a talk to customers timelessly, listening to the opinions to the quality of product from customers, and carrying out the rectification according to customers reflection.

        6.       If customers have special service requirements, the quality department, technology department, sales department will have planning and implementation on service activities to meet customers’ requirements.

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